Advisory & Consulting

Big businesses today understand the need to separate the back-end from the front-end support functions.  Nevertheless, it’s the front-end support functions that will provide with the business growth support you need.  We bring this experience to the table by providing in depth analysis of your financials.  For example, you may know your biggest client, but do you know who your biggest vendor is and the products you buy from them? What do you do with that information? Do you know how to be the most efficient by improving your logistics? We can provide you support with these types of analysis since we want to ensure that you stay profitable and competitive for the years to come. 

The budget, cash and financial forecasting process exists since it’s the only method of organizing your thoughts and going after those projects that will help you grow your business.  We help you organize your ideas through the budget, cash and forecasting process to ensure that you focus on what’s important.  Most small business owners understand how to operate but need the support on ensuring that they stay focus on the big picture and those things that are important to them. 

We can also provide you with advisory services for your business.  For example, do you know how to quote (understand your cost structure) and maximizing your sales?  One way is by evaluating your tendering methods and calculating break-even points and Return on Investment (ROI).  For example, what happens if you lower your price – what’s the tendency of sales going up, at what point can you maximize sales and profits ($$ in your pocket).  We want to be your business partner and watch you grow to your utmost potential.