Tax Services

We bring you tax savings by first ensuring that your tax return is completed correctly.  Hence we have developed checks and balances to ensure that your return is completed accurately and fully in order to get you the best tax savings in your wallet.  

To ensure quality work we have brought in Tax Specialist Laura Rumbo.  Laura Rumbo has been doing tax returns since 2005 for individuals and business owners just like yourself.  Laura has also tackled the IRS and resolved major tax issues at big discounts.   So you can rest assured that you are being well represented.

We also provide you with tax advice for the coming years on how to save you money.  For example, we look at all accelerated depreciation rates allowed or if your business can expense those big capital expenditures you made during the year.  Additionally, we analyze scenarios on how to shift income to a more favorable tax year. 

IRS tax problems? no problem, we will represent you against the IRS and resolve your tax debt for the biggest discount possible.  Did you get a letter from the IRS? Don't fear it, let Jorge Calderon, or Laura Rumbo represent you to resolve your tax issues.